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5 Ways to Help Prevent a Family Vacation from Getting Ruined

A family vacation, especially if it’s a trip abroad, requires careful preparation that covers every minute detail to keep it from ending in failure. After all, visiting a tourist destination overseas is a rare opportunity, so everything that happens during the vacation should be picture perfect and ideal. To avoid post-trip anecdotes like “Missy suffered from an allergy attack so we had to spend the night with her at the hospital” or “My wife unbelievably forgot our pocket money so we literally asked her parents to wire some money just so we could travel home”, try to remember the following five things that will make sure your family vacation is as good as you hoped:

Get Headphones:

Trust us when you are able to slip these headphones on yourself (or a fussy family member) and create a quiet space you can slip into at anytime. Headphones can be expensive, but there’s some very good headphones for under $50 you can buy and not break the bank.

Discuss Your Flight Schedule and Itinerary

Although you are going to travel as a family, always remember that you are not likely to spend all of your time together abroad. In order to avoid missing flights or children getting left behind, discuss your flight schedule and itinerary even before leaving your house. This makes it easier for family members to plan their solo expeditions without disrupting the general tour schedule of the family.

Carry Enough Foreign Currency AND (at least) 2 Credit Cards

It’s easy to forget to take any foreign currency on vacation, instead choosing to rely on credit cards.  Unfortunately many people that do this find out too late that their credit card cannot be processed in that country or that it has nearly reached its limit.  Instead of risking it, it is advisable to carry credit cards in addition to a safe supply of foreign currency (or at least enough money to exchange when you arrive). If you only have one, there are some easy approval credit cards you can get as a fall-back plan for your trip. Aside from determining the total amount of money you are willing to spend on the trip, you will also avoid mishaps like rejected or maxed-out credit cards. Credit cards should only be used for emergency purposes when your pocket money runs out. teva coupon code

Bring Your Prescription Slips and Drugs

A travelling family should bring their own medication as well as prescription slips when going on a trip. This can be anything from daily supplements and antihistamines, to more important medications such as anti-hypertension meds or insulin shots.  The reason?  It’s not as easy as you may think to order a few tablets of paracetamol in a non-English speaking country (where they obviously have another term for the same medication).  Avoid problems by taking your own along with you wherever possible.

Prepare Your Travel Insurance Slips

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, but it is always much more of a hassle when an accident happens on a much-anticipated trip abroad.  Make things easier and be more prepared by getting insured before you travel and carrying your travel insurance slip with you.  This especially applies if you want to try out a recreational activity or extreme sport on your trip abroad.

Pack Your Video Camera, Batteries, and Extra Memory

The excitement of going on a trip is sometimes too overwhelming that people forget to pack the basics: undies, toiletries, and even an extra pair of shoes.  But one of the things that many people regret is forgetting to carry a video camera.  Of course, it’s difficult to show your friends where you’ve been without visual proof.  So, the best thing to do is organize all the things you plan to take on your bed (including your camera), check that everything’s there, and then start packing when you’re assured that you have everything needed to make your trip picture perfect!