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A Coupon Started All This.

So let’s say you purchased a new membership on a dating website and decide to try online dating. And it works! You’ve met someone, and you get along, and you think he (or she) is the one. You decide to spend the rest of your lives together. And the next step is to go diamond shopping, right? Wrong!

Here’s Why You Should Never Buy a Diamond

Diamonds have become a staple of American marriages. It’s a common belief that husbands should spend three months’ worth of salary buying an engagement ring for their loved one. Sure, it’s a nice practice, but is it worth it? These overpriced chunks of rock are not worth your time or hard-earned money. Here’s why:

They’re way too expensive.

The whole notion that women should want diamonds and that men should spend a lot of money on them was invented by a company called De Beers. It all started when the company found a ton of diamonds in South Africa and became worried that the over-abundance of diamonds would hamper demand. So, what was their solution? Hoard all the diamonds to drive them up in value. Diamonds aren’t very rare, but De Beers held a monopoly on them ensuring that nobody else could compete.

Furthermore, De Beers originally came up with the notion that men should spend one month’s salary on a diamond. That tactic worked so well that the company decided to add another two months onto the price.

There is no resale value.

Are diamonds truly forever? In a sense, yes. If you buy a diamond, you might as well hold onto it forever. Try and resell a diamond back to a retailer and you’ll be lucky to get half of what you paid.

The diamond business harms people.

Diamond miners work in open pits where they are exposed to dangerous salts, chemicals, and oils. Many of these materials end up polluting the earth and water nearby.

Furthermore, many workers are children who are forced to pay off debts that are often passed to the next of kin. These children are exposed to malaria, malnutrition, cholera, HIV/AIDs, respiratory issues, and more. It’s estimated that child slaves make up a quarter to a half of all diamond workers in India.

Conflict diamonds fuel wars.

The diamond business is big money in places like Africa. Sold diamonds help armies purchase more weapons to vanquish their opponents. Diamond wars have plagued seven African countries like Sierra Leone, the Republic of Congo, and the Central African Republic for the past 20 years. Many of these wars use child soldiers who are given drugs to help them overcome fear. It’s estimated that at least 3.7 million lives were lost in such conflicts. Approximately 85% of all diamonds are conflict diamonds.

They destroy the environment.

We only have one planet to live on, so we need to preserve it as much as possible. Diamond mining in places like Angola has led to soil erosion and deforestation. Rivers are dammed up, causing wildlife to be displaced. Stagnant water is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes which spread diseases like malaria.

There are better alternatives.

You don’t need a diamond to show off your love. Plenty of other jewels such as amethyst, sapphire, emerald, garnet, pearl, and morganite make for wonderful alternatives. You could also opt for lookalikes such as moissanite, zirconia, white sapphire, and white topaz. Other options include ethically mined diamonds from companies like Brilliant Earth or lab-created diamonds. Alternatively, you could skip jewelry altogether and purchase something like a car or house.


Diamonds aren’t a woman’s best friend. In fact, they aren’t anyone’s best friend except for greedy companies and warlords. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay away from these items.